BC Building Envelope Guide for Houses

This guide is intended to provide information and guidance on minimum building standards to the design and construction of the building envelope as described under Part 9 of the 2018 BC Building Code (BCBC) and the 20199 Vancouver Building By-Law (VBBL). In addition, it provides notes describing what is considered to be improved or best practice that goes above and beyond the minimum standrd as set out under the building code.

The BC Energy Step Code is a provincial regulation that provides an incremental and consistent approach to achieving more energy efficient buildings that go beyond the requirements of the BCBC.

For a copy of the CLEB report comparing the performance of a standard ICF wall (2.5 inches of EPS on each side of the concrete wall) to a 2x4 insulated stud wall, please click here


Team Effort to Produce the Guide

This guide is 570 pages long and provides exceptional information to any home builder wanting to improve the quality and energy performance of his (or her) builds. Our hats go off to the following author, reviewers and contributors: