Getting a quote from Vancouver ICF is simple. Fill in the form below and choose your architectural drawings. Complete the project information field providing additional details as required. If you wish a quote on HELIX, you must include your structural drawings.

Allow one or two days to receive your quote which incudes a 3-D view of your ICF structure (see example below).

Example of Quotation

Shown below are the drawings for a PROJECT in West Vancouver for Upward Construction.

Architectural drawings for Upward Project

The image below shows the 3D image prepared by our quotation department so that you can "see" the blocks being supplied. This makes it easy for you to make changes to your footing heights and top of wall elevations.

3D view

The image below shows the quotation for this project. Included are accessories such as the Peel & Stick membrane for waterproofing and the bracing to align the ICF walls.

3D view