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Next Training Session, Delta, Friday, 28th Sep 2018, 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM


The objective of this training program is two-fold: first to enable you to understand the new STEPCODE and how ICFs will play a role; and second to show you and your crew how to build successfully with Nudura ICF, Fastfoot, Fast-Tube and Helix.

This four hour training session (plus one half hour lunch break) is designed for builders and forming contractors and provides the knowledge and skills necessary to build proficiently with these sustainable products for the concrete forming industry. This course provides 4.0 points for Continuing Professional Development for those builders registered with BC Housing. Cost of the program is $100.00 including GST.

Murray Frank

Guest Speaker: Murray Frank, President, Building It Right

Murray is recognized as a premier building science specialist in British Columbia and has been instrumental in the development of the understanding of moisture problems, energy performance and sustainability relating to single family and multi-unit residential buildings as well as building envelope concerns relating to commercial, industrial and institutional projects. Murray is an acclaimed educator in his field and has been instrumental in the development and presentation of leading curriculum to the construction industry.

Murray will be discussing in depth the new Stepcode and how ICFs will help you achieve better performance under the new code.

If you're a builder, Murray Frank is a leading expert in ICF construction, STEPCODE and the place of ICFs in the world of construction. This is a must-see presentation to get real answers to questions you may have on the practicalities of efficient construction with ICFs.


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Vancouver ICF Training Program


Joey Fearn
Joey Fearn, Training Manager, Vancouver ICF

Joey received his education from the University of British Columbia in 2006. He has been working with Vancouver ICF since that time and has been instrumental in the development of the Zont™ bracing system as well as the ICF Monopour System.

Joey produces all videos on the Vancouver ICF website and looks after on-site training of contractors for all of Vancouver ICF products.

Rick Fearn, President, Fab-Form Industries Ltd.
Rick Fearn

Rick is an inventor and entrepreneur with various inventions related to concrete forms.

He will discuss products that Fab-Form manufactures and distributes.

Stephen Gabbott, CAD Manager, Vancouver ICF
Stephen Gabbott

After graduating from the School of Architecture at the University of Sheffield, Stephen Gabbott qualified as an architect in the United Kingdom. He worked for architectural firms in St Albans and Central London, ending up as a partner in a Facilities Management CAD Bureau.

Emigrating to his wife's homeland of Canada in 1989, Stephen has had a variety of experience including material handling engineering with Earl's Industries, producers of widely used container spreaders; custom house design with a well known lower mainland designer, and 3D photo rendering.

At Vancouver ICF, Stephen is responsible for the computer aided drafting of all projects. This entails detailing the manufacturing drawings for ICF (insulated concrete form) components and creating the installation layouts for the building site. Stephen will explain ICFs and conformance to local bylaws.