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Nudura Training Session, Delta, Thursday, 2nd February 2017

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ATTENTION: As 95% of our attendees are from Vancouver, we have changed the location from Abbotsford to the Metro Vancouver Reseach Centre, Delta, BC.

The objective of the training program is to show you and your crew how to build successfully with Nudura, Fastfoot, Fast-Tube, Helix and Insul-Deck.

This one day training session is designed for framers and forming contractors and provides the knowledge and skills necessary to build proficiently with Nudura ICF forms, Gorilla Buck, fabric forms and Insul-Deck. This course provides seven points for Continuing Professional Development for those builders registered with BC Housing.


Vancouver ICF Training Program


Douglas Bennion, Training Manager, Insul-Deck and Green Roofs
Douglas Benion

Douglas graduated from Western Washington University in 1975 and since then has spent more than 30 years in concrete construction. He has been the training manager for Quad-Lock for the last seven years.

Douglas currently chairs a collaborative research effort sponsored by 8 ICF manufacturers and the Ready-Mix Concrete Industry in support of emerging building codes in Canada and the USA. In addition he has been appointed to two national committees consulting with code officials to make suggestions for code revisions with respect to ICFs.

Douglas will be demonstrating the Quad-Deck floor system which is ideal for suspended concrete slabs, especially where the insulation is a benefit to the building envelope performance. Quad-Deck integrates perfectly with Nudura.

Joey Fearn
Joey Fearn, Training Manager, Vancouver ICF

Joey received his education from the University of British Columbia in 2006. He has been working with Vancouver ICF since that time and has been instrumental in the development of the Zont™ bracing system as well as the ICF Monopour System.

Joey produces all videos on the Vancouver ICF website and looks after on-site training of contractors for all of Vancouver ICF products.

Stephen Gabbott, CAD Manager, Vancouver ICF
Stephen Gabbott

After graduating from the School of Architecture at the University of Sheffield, Stephen Gabbott qualified as an architect in the United Kingdom. He worked for architectural firms in St Albans and Central London, ending up as a partner in a Facilities Management CAD Bureau.

Emigrating to his wife's homeland of Canada in 1989, Stephen has had a variety of experience including material handling engineering with Earl's Industries, producers of widely used container spreaders; custom house design with a well known lower mainland designer, and 3D photo rendering.

At Vancouver ICF, Stephen is responsible for the computer aided drafting of all projects. This entails detailing the manufacturing drawings for ICF (insulated concrete form) components and creating the installation layouts for the building site. Stephen will explain ICFs and conformance to local bylaws.

James Kelly, Technical Representative, Soprema Canada
James Kelly

James Kelly CTR, is the building envelope representative for Soprema Inc based in Surrey, BC.

James has been with Soprema for 7 years and is responsible for promoting systems and installation techniques to the design and contractor community.

He is currently the Chapter Chair of CSC Vancouver Chapter and is also involved with VRCA and BCCA.

James will be discussing the installation of Soprema's Peel and Stick membrane over Nudura foam, particularly during the winter months when the weather is cold and damp.

Michael Lemm, Building Science EIT, Busque Engineering
Michael Lemm

Michael acquired his Bachelors of Applied Science in Civil Engineering from the University of British Columbia in 2014. In his current role with Busque, Michael has been involved in diverse projects ranging from building envelope retrofits and new residential construction to forensic investigations regarding insurance or litigation claims.

Michael will briefly tackle the most common foundation issues encountered by his firm during and after construction with the use of notable case studies.

Luc Lemoyne, Technical Representative, Helix Steel
Luc Lemoyne

Luc Lemoyne is a civil engineer who specialized in concrete who graduated from the University of Sherbrooke. He also obtained a MBA in business development from HEC business school in Montreal. He has more than 23 years of experience working in the concrete and cement industry in different regions of Canada and USA. He has been in sales and market development of added-value products for concrete for more than fifteen years including 10 years for a steel fibers manufacturer.

In January 2017, he became sales consultant for Helix Steel and is responsible for business development in Canada. In this presentation he will provide an introduction to the basics of Helix Steel micro-rebars.

Shawn McDaniel, Principal, SED Construction
Shawn McDaniel

Shawn has been a plywood forming contractor for the past twenty one years. In March of 2015, he switched to Nudura and will share his experience as a contractor of building with ICFs.

Shawn has formed and poured thousands of foundations using plywood, and hundreds of foundations using Nudura. He is an excellent "go-to" person for all questions related to concrete.

Barry Metzner, Production Manager, LafargeHolcim
Barry Metzner

Barry has spent his career in production management: lumber manufacturing, export home construction, structural steel and most recently ready mix concrete with Lafarge. Barry has assumed a key role in building the relationship between Helix® and Lafarge Canada Inc. He worked with Helix® to develop the methodology to disburse the fiber uniformly throughout the concrete so that clumping never occurs.

“The Helix/Lafarge relationship will provide a true cost advantage to any industrial segment that uses concrete. Lafarge’s superior expertise in concrete mix design coupled with the proprietary Helix fiber design will help our customers reduce project cost and shorten project durations.”


The training is located at: Metro Vancouver Annacis Research Centre (Note: Google Street View allows you to go inside the research centre), 1400 Lindsey Place, Delta, BC V3M 6V1. Click on the image below to go inside the building.

The research centre was inspired from the beginning as a green building. Architect: the IBI Group; structural engineer: Bush, Bohlman & Partners; general contractor: Stuart Olson (previously Dominion Fairmile) and concrete supplier: Allied Ready Mix.

Annacis Research Centre