Photo of bracing rentals

Rental Policy

  1. Rentals are billed initially four weeks, then biweekly until the bracing has been returned. The one exception is for the hot knife and chain saw which are billed on a weekly basis.
  2. Biweekly rate is 50% of the monthly rate.
  3. Contractor is responsible for the return of bracing to Fab-Form.
  4. Contractor MUST take a photo of the bracing return loaded on the truck as proof of return. Without this proof you will be charged for missing rental items.
  5. Any lost or damaged rentals will be charged at 50% of the new price.
  6. Zonts are rented out in multiples of 20; Zuckles in multiple of 10 and Zees in multiples of 14.

Rental Rates

Item Description Monthly Biweekly Weekly
Zont Brackets to support 2x4 walers $2.97 - -
Zote Tote holds 20 Zonts $4.51 - -
Zuckle Wall aligners $4.15 - -
Lo Zote Tote holds 10 Zuckles $4.51 - -
Zee Brackets to form Ts $2.61 - -
Red tote Tote holds 14 Zees $4.57 - -
Zat Cat walk bracket $4.98 - -
One series jig Assembly of One Series forms $32.00 - -
Hot knife Cut foam for electric boxes - - $59.33
Chain saw Cut chases for wires in foam - - $59.33

Rental Packaging

  • Zonts are packaged 20 per Zote
  • Zuckles are packaged 10 per Lo Zote
  • Zees are packaged 14 per Red Tote
  • Zats are stretch wrapped and placed on a small skid
Rental Packaging

Packing Zonts in Zotes

20 Zotes are easily packed in one Zote as per the drawing shown below. Click on image for a PDF for printing.

Zonts in Zote