JDL Homes - Nudura, Helix and Fastfoot

Jeff Langford, partner of JDL Homes Vancouver discusses Nudura insulated concrete forms, Fastfoot footing membrane and Helix micro rebar.

The 3D view below shows the Nudura formwork as drawn up by the Vancouver ICF estimating department. The red on the top of the walls indicates the use of a taper top block which was required by the structural engineer for the transfer of loads above into the wall concrete.

3D view, 3316 West 11th Avenue, Vancouver
Rising damp

JDL Homes forms all their footings using Fastfoot. This prevents ground moisture from wicking up into the concrete footing for the life of the building. This is a very inexpensive insurance to prevent mold and mildew in the basement. For more information, click on this LINK.

Three hours later

JDL Home's crew built this foundation in two days. As each Nudura block is 12 square feet, installation goes very fast.


To form T-junctions, JDL Homes slots an opening in the top of the "T" and butts the intersecting wall into this area. "ZEE" brackets are used to hold the junction in place during concrete pouring.

Anchor bolt plates

JDL Homes uses Nudura's Peel & Stick membrane to protect the wall against ground moisture. The membrane is then lapped over Fastfoot to ensure that moisture cannot enter the foundation wall nor footing.

Outside of foundation

JDL Homes uses a dimple membrane on the outside of the Peel & Stick to ensure water cannot build up on the outside of the wall. A grey breathable air barrier is placed above the Peel & Stick to allow the water vapour to escape during the curing process.

JDL Homes blog

JDL Homes has a great blog discussing this project, click image above to view.