24 Unit Townhouse Project, Whistler BC

Basalt Living is the latest townhouse development in Whistler. For more information on the project click here.

Greg Rothdram, project manager for Westport Construction describes why they used Nudura to form the foundation and party walls on this 24 unit development.

Basalt site plan
Unit A 3D View

Unit A is a 4-plex, so sound attenuation is extremely important for the developer. The 6" Nudura block, including drywall has a FSTC sound rating of 52 and provides a 4 hour fire rating. Achieving this with conventional wood framing is extremely difficult.

Foundation, unit B

The foundation is 8 blocks high or 12 feet. The blocks on the sides run the full height to simplify floor framing as well as allowing the party wall to run full height between the two units.

Westport Construction was very pleased with the speed of construction with a foundation formed and poured in one week.

Pouring the party wall

The contractor is pouring the final party wall on the top floor. Simpson ICFVLs are used to support the roof structure as the firewall must run through the roof.

Duplex nearing completion

These are the first two duplexes as you drive in the development. Almost ready to hand over the keys.