Installing Verts in Footing

The dimensions for locating the vertcal rebar in the Nudura 6" and 8" blocks are shown below (please confirm with your engineer). The image can be clicked to download the PDF file.

Reinforcing Nudura Ts


If an ICF T-block is used to form the junction, an extra two marriage lines must be completed to accomodate each side of the junction. We therefore recommend creating a simple "butt" junction as shown below by renting our "ZEE" brackets, or you can reinforce the joint with plywood and dimensional lumber as shown further below. Each image can be clicked to download the PDF file.

ZEE Bracket
Butt T junction with ZEE
Lumber & Plywood Reinforced Butt Junction
Butt T junction with plywood and lumber

Nudura T-blocks

The 8" 10" and 12" Nudura T-blocks are inherently weak and must be reinforced as shown below. The image can be clicked to download the PDF file.

Reinforcing Nudura Ts

Bracing custom corners

Nudura supplies 90 and 45 degree corners. Custom angles are best braced with dimensional lumber and plywood as shown below. The image can be clicked to download the PDF file.

Bracing custom corners

Block width transitions

Nudura allows the wall width to be transitioned at the corner. A 2" fillet is removed from the one corner block and added to the next corner. The image can be clicked to download the PDF file.

Width transition

One Series Standard Form

These forms are used where a concrete surface is required on one side of the insulated form, for example in parkades. By using inserts, any level of insulation can be achieved for the overall wall assembly. A jig is available for rapid assembly of the standard form. The image can be clicked to download the PDF file.

Nudura One Series

One Series Corners

Inside and outside corners are available. By using inserts, any level of insulation can be achieved for the wall assembly. The image can be clicked to download the PDF file.

Nudura One Series

Installing the Optimizer Block in Corners

Click on the image below for a PDF file

Optimizer corner installation details

Door and Window Openings using Gorilla Buck

We strongly recommend the use of Gorilla Buck as it provides R-12 insulation value as well as providing multiple attachment points on the interior face and on each edge. The interlocking ends mean that there is no order in the installation procedure, and the base can be installed first.

Click on image for a printable PDF of the installation guide.

Gorilla Buck Installation

Connectors, Beam Pockets, Brick Ledge, Gable Ends

This video provides details on various specialty situations.

Attaching Floor Systems to the ICF Wall

The floor system can rest on top of the ICF wall, using a sill plate and anchors. In many situations the floor system is attached to the inside of the ICF wall. There are three methods of doing this:

1. Attaching the Micro Lam to the ICF with anchor bolts.

Cut (say) 4" diameter holes in the ICF wall which are centred around each anchor bolt. The micro lam is screwed in position at the exact height and anchor bolts installed in position so that they are embedded into the concrete. The advantage of this method is that it is less expensive than ICFVL and less finnicky than the Nudura ICF Connect System. This detail is thanks to CA Boom Engineering, Eric Steffensen.

Alternative floor connection detail

The photo below details using anchor bolts with a micro lam ledger board.

Alternative floor connection detail

2. Using Simpson ICFVL brackets to attach the floor system

The ICFVL is a 14-gauge galvanized steel connector that it inserted through the ICF foam so that the two legs become embedded in the concrete. The legs are sufficiently strong to withstand the cantilevering loads through the foam thickness. The advantage of the ICFVL bracket is that minor adjustments can be made to the height of the ledger board after the fact: it is more forgiving. Overall labour costs are higher because the ledger board then needs to be attached using the ICFVL-W (wood ledger) or ICFVL-CW (composite wood) and 8 special screws. In addition the ICFVL system is considerably more expensive than conventional anchor bolts. Vancouver ICF stocks the ICFVL brackets.

ICFVL brackets ICFVL brackets ICFVL brackets

3. Nudura's ICF Connect System

This system is used to hang floor joists directly to the ICF wall, without requiring a ledger board. The system consists of two parts: a pair of hanger insert plates that are cut through the foam on either side of each joist; a bearing bracket which is screwed to the insert plates after the pour and which support the bottom and sides of each joist end.

The system is considerably more cost effective than the ICFVL, both in the steel cost and in the elimination of the rim joist. The down side is that the horizontal position of each pair of insert plates must be accurately located. Immediately after the concrete pour you must check the insert plates to ensure that they have not moved.

ICFVL brackets

Placing Concrete

Precautions to be taken when pouring concrete.

Damp Proofing Below Grade

The video below shows the installation of Nudura Peel & Stick membrane. We do not recommend the use of a dimple membrane as the back fill material, upon settlement, tends to drag the dimple membrane off the wall. Special care must be taken to ensure no damage occurs to the membrane when backfilling.

The top edge of the Peel & Stick should not be left exposed to the weather as the membrane may delaminate from the ICF surface over time. The top edge should be mechanically attached to the foam with a Hardiboard ripped down to an appropriate width using 1-1/2" #8 or #10 screws 16" on centre. Metal flashing can also be used.

For additional information, click on the links below:

  1. Installation;
  2. Specifications;
  3. Code compliance;

Finishing the Exposed Foundation Wall

There are two options available: 1/4" HardiPlank or a parging coat. We recommend the HardiPlank as it requires less labour and is not susceptible to weather conditions and site labour. Sheets of 1/4" HardiBoard are ripped to a suitable width (say 12") and attached with non corrosive screws to the plastic ties in the ICF. The Peel & Stick membrane should be run to the top of the foundation wall to ensure the EPS foam is protected from ground moisture wicking into the HardiPlank.

This video shows the application of stucco directly to the ICF block.

Electrical & Plumbing

Nudura eliminates the interior 2x6 wall as the drywall can be attached directly to the ICF wall. However the electrical wires must be embedded into the EPS using a chain saw with a depth guide installed on the blade.

Interior & Exterior Finishes

The finishing details both on the interior and exterior.